Talking Sole Flip Flops
Trying to make a memorable impression at the beach? Well, my friend, sucking in your stomach so it doesn't hang over your trunks just isn't going to cut it. But our "Talking Sole" flips flops will definitely send the right message. Your company name and logo imprinted on the sole leaves behind a distinct impression in the sand. We'll also print your company on the straps one of the four hot looking sandal styles. Comfortable foam rubber soles are designed in a veritable rainbow of colors: black, white, blue, red, yellow, tan, purple, green, teal, tangerine, raspberry, lime and light blue. Sizes: ML (ladies 6-9), LG, (mens 9-12); youth sizes available.


A day so busy it makes your head spin. A million things on your plate and as many decisions to make. The last thing you have time to do is worry about finding the perfect promotional doodad for your trade show, conference or fundraising event. No sweat. That's what Thinkalike is here for.

How does it all come together? Simple. We'll dig deep, ask the right questions and come to a meeting of the minds on what will work best for your company. Then we'll put on our thinking caps and pull some people-pleasing promotional ideas out of our bag of tricks. We'll help you through the entire process, so after your order's placed, you can be certain we won't disappear. We'll keep you well informed so you'll never have to think "Where's my stuff?"

And when that great big box arrives, you'll be more than thrilled with the results. Your branded merchandise will help build company awareness, attract more customers, motivate them to purchase, build customer loyalty or increase your trade show traffic. Whew! Was that a big sigh of relief we just heard? It's that easy.

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