Zippered Coconuts
Are we nuts? There's a distinct possibility. But come on, you've got to be going ga-ga over these coconuts. They're zippered! If you want to grab someone's attention, this is the way to do it. Perfect for anything tropical themed, like invitation mailers, beach kits, treasure maps, teaser gifts and sales incentive trips. Hollowed out coconut interiors holds lots of goodies. Choose from two sizes - medium, which will hold your average tchotchke, or go for the grande if you want to simply stuff it to the brim (here's a suggestion - try an underwater camera or a compressed beach towel.) Zipper colors: turquoise, royal blue, green, red, yellow or brown.


If you've got a project in mind, we'd love to hear about it. Tell us about your upcoming promotion, and we'll give you some options and pricing. It's that simple!

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