Doug & Ross Andrews


"Who are these guys?" you must be thinking. They're Doug and Ross Andrews, owners and co-conspirators of Thinkalike.

They're the perfect team to help visually communicate your brand. That's not so surprising given their background in art and illustration. These guys were destined to find ways of making things stand out with color and to solve problems visually.

Long before Doug and Ross became the sultans of SWAG, they were honing their creative brains in the film and TV industry. You might have seen some of their handy work. Like the giant Cheerio carved for a commercial to roll through milk in a little boy's nightmare. Or the hundreds of perfect dandelions they collected, wired and transplanted to fill a backyard for a Lee jeans commercial.

And no, you're not seeing double – they are identical twins – but if you think they're exact carbon copies, you've got it all wrong. Look carefully and you'll notice the subtle differences. For one, Doug likes chocolate mint ice cream while Ross prefers pistachio almond (maybe that makes him the nuttier one). And when it comes to creative promotions, Doug's the big picture guy, coming up with the light bulb moments, while Ross works the details for electrifying results.

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